Spending money

I just realized that it’s been awhile since I wrote about one of my favorite pastimes… spending money. It was my love of spending money that got me to start writing the Savvy Saver over a year ago. At the time, I wanted to learn how to spend less by spending smarter. Things like lowering recurring monthly expenses, getting rid of things that cost time and money to maintain, and only buying things that add value to our lives were some of my objectives. My hope was that by doing this I could increase our bottom line.

One of my strategies for not spending so much is simply to not shop. I don’t go to the hardware store without a list. I avoid Target. I have my own three day wait rule (that I mostly follow) for all Amazon and ebay purchases.

The other thing I do is to exchange my money and save in other currency. So i earn in euros and I use Exchangemarket to change eur chf because they have good rates. That way it is harder for me to spend money on daily basis because my savings are in other currency. More about it:

I would say I have done very well at lowering our recurring monthly expenses. Actually, I think Mr. Savvy and I excel at that. It’s the other part that I continue to struggle with. We have a few small household projects going on, mostly due to the planned arrival of a baby, as well as the usual spring maintenance on a 90+ year old house, and I had to go to the hardware store last night. Thirty minutes and $130 later, I had almost all of the things I needed (except for the most expensive part, isn’t that the way it always works?). We also have plans to buy nursery furniture soon (used, but very good quality and still might cost around $800 for a crib and dresser), as well as other things.

I guess where I’m going with this is that even after a year, and huge progress, it is still difficult to draw the line between necessity and frivolousness. Still compulsive? Yes, sometimes. I’ve learned to live within the guidelines I’ve created, but does that mean I’ve just built a buffer into my shopping habits? I can see some positive results, but I’m still not satisfied.